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What kind of driveway or patio cleaning equipment would you recommend?

Let the product do the work, then a standard power washer will do the job, but one with a rotary head style accessory is recommended for driveway cleaning and patio cleaning. As a general rule, the more powerful the washer, the less time it will take.

What kind of sand is swept between the joints in block paving?

Kiln dried sand is always recommended. This ensures the joints of the block paving are completely filled. This type of sand solidifies and bonds more effectively with the block paving sealer giving maximum protection against weed growth and the future loss of jointing sand. As an alternative see our Jointing Compound product

Can you give guidance and materials for my paving restoration project?

Yes, we can supply all the necessary cleaners, sealer and maintenance materials required for any project.

Will my block paving or imprinted concrete look shiny once sealer has been applied?

Yes, how the paving looks when damp, is how it will look once treated with sealer. This gives the paving a ‘fresh look’ and the original colour is restored.  

If I apply block paving sealer, will it kill all the weeds?

We can’t guarantee this. After the ‘cleaning’ process we suggest applying a ‘weed killer’. After re-sanding, the block paving sealer will protect the sanded joints, this will help reduce and make it a lot more difficult for weeds to grow again.  A good maintenance regime will help prevent further growth. 

What are the benefits of applying block paving sealer to my driveway?

If your block paving has sealer applied properly then any future deterioration will be minimal. The sealer enhances the colour of the block paving, minimises colour loss from ultra violet light, protects against weeds and algae growth and oil stains. It also solidifies the sand in the joints of the block paving which gives further protection. 

How easy is it to clean off new oil and dirty stains after the block paving sealer has been applied?

Once sealer has been applied the block paving will be far less porous so any further staining will be easily removed.

How many coats of block paving sealer do I need to apply?

It depends on the type of block paving laid, as a minimum 2 coats is recommended.  All substrates should be treated to saturation.  Top up coats can be applied as required.

I've looked at lots of products but I'm confused about sealer coverage ratios?

Uber Shield Products are always looking to give accurate advice. We recommend a coverage ratio of 2-sq metres per litre 1st coat and 3-5-sq metres per litre second coat.

Do you sell paving sealer developed specifically for patio paving slabs?

The Uber Shield Sealer Range is suitable for all patios, but since paving slabs have many different levels of porosity, it is always recommended to do a test area first.  

Can the original colour of imprinted concrete be restored?

The pattern of imprinted concrete when damp is how it will look once is it cleaned and an Imprinted Concrete Sealer has been applied.

Why should I use your sealer when there are cheaper products available?

We could also make our products cheaper, by using lower quality materials, but long term this would just lead to disappointed customers. Our products are manufactured to the highest standards and are ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certified approved to give our customers peace of mind.

Once the paving sealer has been applied, how long will it last?

The life expectancy of Uber Shield Sealer is generally between 5-7 years but will vary for several reasons – the amount of sealer applied, vehicle traffic use, exposure to sunlight and porosity of surface will all be relevant factors.


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